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Barlean's Barleans Flaxseed Oil Essential Women

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Brand Barlean's Organic Oils Ingredients Organic Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Flaxseed Particulate, Isoflavones And Saponins Mechanically Extracted From Soy. One Tablespoon Provides Approx: Fatty Acids: Omega-3 (5,115 Mg), Omega-6 (2,330 Mg), Omega-9 (1,488 Mg), Gla (100 Mg). Flax Particulates: (Lignan Rich) 2185 Mg. Isoflavones (45 Mg). Other: Saponins (55 Mg), Rosemary/Ascorbic Acid (20 Mg).Organic Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Flaxseed Particulate, Isoflavones And Saponins Mechanically Extracted From So… See more Flavor Chocolate Item Weight 0.38 Kilograms

Barlean's the Essential Woman Supplement

barlean's crucial lady is formulated particularly for girls and is ideal for ladies from 18 to eighty. barlean's important female addresses the worries associated with hormonal discomforts and offers nature's most venerated internal moisturizers. it carries oils and phytonutrients identified for his or her "balancing" results at the woman frame. barlean's natural oils introduces "the important lady" a mix of vital fatty acids and natural phytonutrients for the special desires of girls. barlean's vital female is the first manufactured from it's type to combine a full compliment of therapeutically useful nutrients centered for the special and converting desires of a woman. girls of these days are confronted with numerous fitness concerns for which "the important lady" can provide the nutritional support demonstrated to be of benefit. whether the priority is pre-menstrual syndrome cancer prevention pre and submit menopausal symptoms or virtually respecting your specific nutritional wishes barlean's essential lady is formulated for unrefined flaxseed oil: the arena’s richest supply of critical fatty acids, consisting of alpha linoleic acid (omega-3) and linolenic acid (omega-6)
natural night primrose oil: contains a specialized nutrient, gamma linolenic acid (gla) which has been proven in scientific research to support hormonal fitness and deal with the signs of pms and menopause*
lignans: a surprisingly studied and researched class of phytonutrient observed in flaxseed studied by using the country wide cancer institute and proven to own remarkable preventative homes – in addition to supporting hormone and breast fitness*
soy isoflavones: plant phytoestrogens which research reveal can help deal with the annoying symptoms of menopause and pms in addition to aid bone, coronary heart and breast health*

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