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Catherine Tea For Weight Loss 32 Bags Rs 3500

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32 Bags

Catherine's tea In Pakistan

Catherine's tea In Pakistan is an herbal tea that is supposed to act as an advanced dietary supplement. It helps slim the body by removing accumulated harmful toxins. This removal comprehensively melts the fats deposited around the stomach and makes the body slimmer by increasing its regularity.

Catherine tea has always been a famous health drink around the world, including the UK. So, before we dive into this actual topic, let's look at the origin of "Catherine Tea". Definitely worth knowing!

Catherine's tea In Pakistan Contents:

senna pods 500mg
Senna leaves 1500mg
garcinia 100mg
Flos Chrysanthemi 900mg

How do you lose weight with Catherine's tea?

Instructions - Put a bag in a cup of boiled water and leave it for 10 minutes. Drink after dinner or before bed. Total active ingredients in 1 bag Senna pods 500 mg Senna leaves 1500 mg Garcinia atroviridis 100 g Flos Chrysanthemi 900 mg

What is Catherine's tea for?

Catherine Slimming Herbal Tea is a product of Thailand. The ingredients are senna pods, senna leaves, garcinia cambogia, and flos chrysanthemi. The purpose is to remove harmful toxins from the body, increase regularity and slimming the tummy area. It is suggested to consume it daily.

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