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Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream Review

my experience with garnier light in a single day whitening peeling cream cream:
to preserve my skin looking healthful and young, i take advantage of moderate/ low electricity chemical peel as soon as each 2 months. i used to be requested by my dermatologist to use a tretinoin -hydroquinone cream when I suffered from excessive zits  years in the past. i was left with darkish spots and acne marks. and that cream helped a lot in clearing my pores and skin quicker. due to the fact my pores and skin has improved for extra than a yr already, i best used that prescribed exfoliant for per week, each 2 months.
i’ve used this garnier overnight peeling cream for the duration of the night time earlier than bed for a month. on my first  days of application, it looks like normal cream on my face. on the 0.33 day, i experienced heat feeling on my cheeks. it isn't always bothersome although, very a good deal tolerable. i’d say it's miles something anticipated from peeling creams.

Garnier Yogurt Night Cream Price in Pakistan

i would love to notice that i've touchy, zits prone and mixture skin. my t-area region is oily even as the rest of my face is a normal to dry, relying on the climate where i stay. this cream did now not make my skin any oilier for the duration of the day and it neither indignant nor brought about me breakouts.

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