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Gripgo Car Phone Mount

RS 1100RS 900

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Category: Car Phone Mount

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Gripgo Car Phone Mount Uses

Gripgo Car Phone Mount In Pakistan - If there was a temperature change on the glass, the suction cup would loosen.Before I took the GripGo out to my car,I could have mounted the GripGo on the plexiglass that covered my original vehicle GPS screen, but that seemed silly. So onto the windshield it went.After the first time mounting the vehicle on the windshield, I took a trip with the phone mounted on the GripGo and it did a very good job remaining suctioned in place. It wasn't smooth enough.When I took it out to my car, I only had a couple options for mounting. I started with the dashboard. No go.

Gripgo Car Phone Mount In Pakistan

I would need the adhesive disk to successfully mount it to my dash, hence violating Claim #4 above.I think Claim #2 is valid.But it was a warm day (remember, I live in Florida). I had taken a trip to my local mega mart and when I returned to the truck, the GripGo had fallen off -- likely due to the heat. This happened all the time with my old Garmin Street Pilot c330. I started by testing the mount on assorted surfaces in my house. I mainly did this because I didn't feel like sitting in my car for hours on end waiting to see if the mount would fall over or not. I also could test the assorted iPhone cases in a less-dangerous situation: if the phone fell, it didn't have quite as far to go.If you've ever owned a Garmin or TomTom type of GPS that includes a suction cup mount, you'll be familiar already with what surfaces to which it can and cannot attach. In my house, glass and tile were the winners. All other surfaces I tried, even my laminate kitchen counter, didn't make the cut.

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