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HMD Butane Gas

RS 1500RS 1000

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HMD Butane Gas Burner offered is suitable for Natural Gas and L.P.G fuel and is recommended for over- and under-pressure boilers.

HMD Butane Gas Imported From USA Now In Pakistan

A gas burner is a tool that produces a managed flame by way of blending a gas gasoline along with acetylene, natural gas, or propane with an oxidizer together with the ambient air or provided oxygen, and allowing for ignition and combustion. The flame is commonly used for the heat, infrared radiation, or seen light it produces. Some burners, along with fuel flares, eliminate unwanted or uncontainable flammable gases. A few burners are operated to provide carbon black.


The gas burner has many programs including soldering, brazing, and welding, the latter the usage of oxygen instead of air for producing a hotter flame, which is required for melting metallic. Chemistry laboratories use natural-fuel fueled bunsen burners. In home and industrial settings gasoline burners are commonly utilized in gas stoves and cooktops. For melting metals with melting points of up to 1100 °c (including copper, silver, and gold), a propane burner with a natural drag of air can be used.

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For higher temperatures, acetylene is generally utilized in mixture with oxygen.Butane fuel burner provided is appropriate for natural gas and l.p.g gas and is recommended for over- and under-strain boilers. Handing over high overall performance, the system is also clean to preserve and offers for electricity-saving operations. Made available in unique working capacities, those offer extremely good fee/overall performance ratio in single degree/ degree/modulating version.


Some of the areas in which those burners are used encompass furnaces, yarn warmness setting, kitchen & bakery oven, driers, outstanding heater, farsan & sweet furnace, glass printing & design and others.A number of the regions where these burners are used include furnaces, yarn heat placing, kitchen & bakery oven, driers, first rate heater, farsan & sweet furnace, glass printing & layout and others


  • Appropriate for herbal fuel and l.p.g
  • Endorsed for over- and beneath-stress boilers
  • Turning in high performance, the system is likewise clean to hold
  • Strength saving operations
  • May be made available in exclusive running capacities
  • Ionisation primarily based flame burning help
  • Suitable for use in commercial packages which includes in powder coating, furnaces, hot water boiler, steam boiler and others
  • Presenting remarkable fee/overall performance ratio
  • Completely automatic operation help
  • To be had in single degree/ stage/modulating model


Steam boiler

Warm water boiler

Thermic fluid heater

Warm air generator



Yarn heat placing

Avenue creation equipment

Metallic melting

Powder coating oven

Kitchen & bakery oven

Air heater


Industrial ovens

First-rate heater

Ceramic tiles furnace

Steel warmth treatment

Sizing machine

Farsan & sweet furnace

Glass printing & layout

Paper packaging industry

Fabric dyeing & printing equipment

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