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Itch Guard

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Itch Guard Get Now In Pakistan Free Delivery

Itch Guard Cream is one of the speedy and immediate
effective ointments to reduce you from itching. It includes
clotrimazole which acts as antifungal and menthol which soothes
the skin and gives a cooling result. It provides rapid relief
from itching and inflammation of the skin. It is keen valuable in
joint itch and infection among toes and fingers.

* Ingredients

Clotrimazole, Menthol, Boric Acid & Zinc Oxide Cream.

* How to Use Itch Guard?

Clean the affected area with a soft wet towel. Apply
New Itch guard Cream 2-3 times a day.

Itch Guard Features In Pakistan

  • Provides quick action fast relief in itching
  • Easy to use topical application skin ointment
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial cream for various skin infections
  • Provides fast relief from itching and skin inflame
  • Quick Penetration
  • Attacks the infection
  • Stops further spread
  • Size: 20g

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