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Navratna Herbal Oil

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Navratna Herbal Oil For Hair Care

Navratna Herbal Oil - The oil is dark red in color and it is quite greasy. When applied on hair and massaged on scalp it gives amazing cooling sensation and tingling feeling too. It completely relaxes you. The cooling, tingling feeling stays on for long. Since, it has a strong fragrance and makes hair sticky. I don’t prefer stepping out with oil on my hair. I generally apply it in the night time and wash off it in the morning. It nourishes my scalp and hair.It is made up of natural herbs. It can be used on Hair as well as on skin. It repairs damages Hair and help hair to become strong, dandruff free and healthy. Himani Navratana Oil is the best oil of extracts from natural which remove or take out, And it gives relief from Sleeplessness, Headache, Body ache, Tension,

Navratna Herbal Oil Uses

Hair related problems, Keeps the head cool, Relieves headache, Helpful in sound sleep, And this oil gives a very soothing feeling when you apply it on your head.An effective memory aid, Tones up body muscles, Removes tiredness, An also it’s a cool body massage oil.It’s a good oil not only gives smoothness but also gives a cool feeling. About its other claims mentioned above, I haven’t tried it on my body and cuts or bruises. I use it on my hair only twice a week and it is awesome.Himani Navratna Oil soothes brain and removes head ache.Just sooth your head and it feels like that somebody puts ice on your head. And this himani navratna oil can’t compare to any other oil which helps you to sleep well with cool mind. And the product use natural herbal also which gives strong hair and prevent from hair fall. The best part of this oil had very refreshing effect and the people who use this really enjoy it. Most of the people have problem of head ache but a nice massage with this oil makes your day peace full.

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