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Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow Fairness Cream Price in Pakistan

professionals of nivea visage glowing glow age control day care fairness cream:
when used with the nivea whitening face wash, this cream gave me a real brightening impact.
my skin changed into softening, smoother and extra radiant.
the cream is not of thick texture and fits my oily pores and skin well.
it did not smash me out nor did it block my pores.
great texture and a completely strong nivea smell.
i love the truth that it is available in a very lovely tiniest white jar.
without problems available, i have visible it at each store.
semi-gel like texture, spreads easily.
cons of nivea visage glowing glow age control day care fairness cream:
the odor is surely strong.
the jar is a ceramic glass jar, not plastic.
might not show immediately effect, i used it for over 8 months.
high-priced for the tiny quantity.
my score:
outside affects, like publicity to sunlight, pollution, and strain purpose damage inside skin cells. after time, darkish spots accumulate and undermine a easy, radiant complexion. does now not clog pores. skin compatibility dermatologic ally permitted.

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