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Pantene Open Hair Miracle Oil Replacement

RS 2000RS 1500

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Category: Women Products

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Hassle free nourishment that leaves you hair stronger and helps prevent hair fall. Apply like oil from root to tip and leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse off. It is hassle-free compared to oil, so no sticky hair or stained clothes!

Pantene Oil Replacement Review

is Pantene oil alternative & pantene open hair miracle the same?
the one that you love pantene oil alternative has been upgraded to pantene open hair miracle. pantene’s signature pro-diet components has been infused with fermented rice water to create this specific combo. this specific nourishing formula makes pantene open hair miracle the all-in-one hair miracle that everybody wishes!

2. how does pantene open hair miracle work as an oil replacement?
the nourishing power of pantene’s seasoned-nutrition components and the goodness of fermented rice water gift inside the pantene open hair miracle instantly absorbs and penetrates to the center of the hair. apply it half-hour earlier than shampoo and rinse it out to get problem-loose nourished hair.

three. how can one use pantene open hair miracle as a serum?
regular serums act only at the floor of the hair to offer hair softening for smooth detangling of hair and smoothness. while pantene open hair miracle that's infused with the strength of pro-nutrition formula and carries fermented rice water receives without problems absorbs for your hair and provides deep nourishment from root to tip. you may use pantene open hair miracle as a serum as a frizz control serum simply earlier than you step out to maintain your hair nourished, clean & stunning looking at some point of the day.

four. a way to use pantene open hair miracle as a leave-in conditioner?
you could use pantene open hair miracle as a rinse free go away-in conditioner on damp hair to lock in that extra moisture on your hair post your shower.

5. the way to use pantene open hair miracle as a warmth protectant?
immoderate heat styling can result in hair damage over a time frame. you can follow the pantene open hair miracle for your hair just before using heat styling device to guard your hair from the warmth damage. this may maintain your hair nourished through growing a defensive layer over your hair.

6. what special ingredient that makes pantene open hair miracle a extraordinary product?
the all-new pantene open hair miracle is created with the blend of pantene’s signature pro-vitamin components and is infused with fermented rice water. this precise formula nourishes your hair from root to tip, making pantene open hair miracle a multi-motive superb product, that you can use whenever anywhere!

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