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Parodontax Original Toothpaste

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Parodontax Original Toothpaste Price in Pakistan

Parodontax unique toothpaste is a clinically proven product that allows prevent cavities and is powerful for the treatment of bleeding gums. it is ready below the careful supervision of professionals, making sure that your teeth and gums stay wholesome and easy. the parodontax original toothpaste limits bacterial increase inside the oral hollow space. it is an notable preference for individuals with bleeding gums. it freshens breath and strengthens enamel.

If you spit up blood when you brush, it could be a sign that you have gum problems. parodontax Daily toothpaste is a specialized toothpaste specifically designed to help maintain healthy gums and help protect against gum problems.

Why should we use this ?

Parodontax natural fresh toothpaste consists of mineral salt and is clinically proven to assist prevent and save you bleeding gums through doing away with the build-up of bacteria – the main reason of gum problems, for more healthy gums and stronger tooth. It also has a unique flavour aggregate of ginger extracts, eucalyptus and mint for a smooth, sparkling and herbal sensation.Parodontax natural sparkling is usually recommended for day by day use because it contains fluoride to help give a boost to enamel.

Parodontax is a daily fluoride toothpaste that is 4 times more effective at removing plaque*, the main cause of gum problems. parodontax is specially formulated with 67% mineral salts to physically remove plaque buildup on teeth and along the gum line. It is suitable for daily use as it also strengthens teeth and freshens breath.

Benefits Of Paradontax In Pakistan:

  • Treats bleeding gums.
  • Keeps unpleasant odor at bay and makes your mouth smell fresh.
  • Prevents tooth diseases and infections, such as gingivitis.
  • Minimizes the probability of settling dental plaque between your teeth.
  • Masks strong scents.
  • Makes gums and teeth stronger and healthier.

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