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WBM Men Care Hair Gel 150g

RS 2000RS 1500

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Category: Beauty

Shipping:    2 - 3 Business Days (in Pakistan)

A Refreshing and hydrating hair gel which provide long lasting hold in your desired style. Suitable for both long and short hair. Moisturize hair and make them look great. Works to restore the health of your hair. Freshens hair with pleasant fragrance. A Product of USA.

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wbm men care hair gel is a clean and hydrating product which presents long-lasting hold. it offers you freshens hair with a pleasant fragrance. enriched with pro-diet b5 moisturizing complicated for lasting hydrating impact, watery shine to hair for closing moist-appearance fashion.
wbm men care ultra lasting maintain hair gel.offer with long lasting preserve for your desired fashion.made with clean, hydrating and nourishing components.enriched with pro-vitamin b5, moisturizing complicated for a moist look.first-rate perfume freshens up hair for plenty hours.wbm men care ultra durable hair gel is particularly formulated for long-lasting maintain for your desired fashion. with seasoned-diet b5 enriched method, its moisturizing complicated offers a clean look and feel with greater sturdy keep and natural shine all day long. having quality fragrance to freshen up hairs, its moisturizing complicated provides lengthy-lasting hydrating impact, watery shine and ultimate wet look. you would really like its easy definition and bendy control with out the accumulation or stiffness.

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