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I Pill Tablet Price In Pakistan

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It is used as an emergency contraceptive tablet to prevent unwanted pregnancy in case of unprotected sex or contraception failure.

I Pill Tablet Price In Pakistan 

kojic acid is frequently used topically to deal with a number of one-of-a-kind beauty conditions. it’s been accepted for use in cosmetic merchandise in concentrations of 1 percent or much less. it’s most customarily used as a skin-lightening agent.

kojic acid can be determined in a number of specific kinds of beauty merchandise, which include powders, serums, lotions, cleansers, and soaps. powders have to be blended with water or lotion, relying on the product commands. a few merchandise, like soaps and cleansers, are supposed to be washed off straight away. others, like lotions and serums, are designed to be left on and absorbed into the pores and skin. (however, kojic acid average has fairly negative absorption prices under the surface of the skin.)

some merchandise — like face mask — are designed for use handiest occasionally. creams and cleansers can be used every day.

merchandise containing kojic acid are maximum generally used at the face and fingers, however may be used on all non-touchy areas of the frame.



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