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Meals complement that provides an improvement in estrogen stages and hormonal stability of ladies improving the symptoms of menopause. Its components desire vaginal lubrication, decorate power and girl libido and reason more sensitivity to the intimate vicinity. its effective formula consists of maca and ginkgo biloba to decorate girl strength and power.

Feminil Price In Pakistan

Feminil tablets from 500cosmetics is a meals complement designed to increase woman libido obviously. it's miles an enhancer of sexual preference composed of herbal ingredients that sell hormonal stability.


They help improve blood flow via generating a relaxation inside the intimate area that increases lubrication and girl sexual preference as a result inflicting an growth in libido and enhancing viable issues of lack of sexual choice. this makes it possible to make love and have sexual family members an awful lot greater best thanks to its aphrodisiac and female enhancer impact. it additionally reduces vaginal dryness and increases sexual energy, accomplishing, not like different products, enhancing sexual activity and girl libido evidently. it also improves the hormone degrees out of adjustment with the arrival of menopause to boom lady sexual desire.


Maca, ginkgo biloba, black pepper, palm (serenoa repens)

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